Warranty Report

Warranty Claim

To make a claim, you must register using the Appliance Technical Warranty Report form below.

This is a multi-step form and answers should be given in full to ensure the claim can be processed efficiently.

Step 1 – Your Details (Appliance Owner)

Appliance Owner Details

Step 2 – Purchase & Installer Information

Clock Dealer and Installer Details
If you cannot find the business in the dropdown above, please enter the business name and address here.

Step 3 – Appliance Information

Appliance Information
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Step 4 – Usage and Service History

Usage and Service History

Step 5 – Description of Fault

Making a Claim

Please note; our 7-year extended warranty only applies to stoves which have been registered by the customer within 60 days of installation. To qualify for a claim within this period, the appliance must have been maintained as per our User Manual.

Records of a yearly service carried out by a recognised and qualified professional must be provided. Faults occurring due to poor maintenance or appliance abuse will not be covered under warranty.


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